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If you want to be the best answer to the question your potential customers are typing on search engines, then here I am to help you achieve just that!

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Am I the best SEO expert in Bangladesh?

Like everybody else, I also consider myself to be the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. But why should you believe my claim? 

Who will decide who is the best unless you personally review every SEO expert profile in Bangladesh? And how are you gonna do it? 

Here I’ve got a different approach to solve this problem. This way, you can at least avoid those who will lead to a Google penalty for your website. Then it’s up to you to select who stands out from the crowd.

That is, simply ask your SEO vendor straight to their face how they acquire backlinks for their SEO clients. YES, this is very important! because that’s where all SEO specialists expose their true colors! 

They primarily buy links, create profile backlinks, generate links from social bookmarking sites, directory sites, blog comments, forums, web2.0, and set up PBN, all of which are harmful to your site.

So do you really want to put your website at risk by having it optimized by someone who is not competent enough? I don’t think so! So why don’t you hire me instead? 🤔

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    Client Testimonial

    Incredible seller!! The best experience I have ever had on Fiverr. He was incredibly thorough, patient and understanding with me. Hire him with confidence and watch your site rise in the rankings!!!

    My SEO Skills

    Complete SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis
    Technical SEO
    Niche Research & Keyword Research
    On Page SEO, Intent Optimization
    SEO Copywriting & SEO Content Writing
    Off Page SEO: Content Marketing for Backlinks and Traffic
    WordPress Installation and Elementor Page Design (Optional)

    SEO Courses That I Completed

    SEO is not a Joke! An SEO expert must finish extensive training before starting on any SEO project. The courses I took to become a competent, knowledgeable and skilled SEO specialist in Bangladesh are listed below- 

    • Yoast SEO for Beginners (Yoast Academy)
    • Content Marketing and SEO Fundamental Exam (Semrush Academy)
    • SEO Training Course by Moz (Udemy)
    • SEO Essential Certification (Moz Academy)
    • Content-Led SEO by Brian Dean ( Semrush Academy)

    These are industry-standard SEO courses that are widely recognized and accepted around the world.

    Top 5 Useful Benefits of Hiring an SEO expert in Bangladesh

    1. Bangladeshi SEO experts are comparatively more affordable than most of our western counterparts. 
    2. We prefer working manually because we do not rely solely on tools that frequently provide inaccurate data. Therefore, it opens the door to better ranking opportunities for you, which leads to increased sales and profit.
    3. Our goal is to help your business make more money by getting more sales. We take our work seriously, so we’d rather help you than take a lot of money from you, unless one of us is a scammer or doesn’t know what they’re doing.
    4. We are committed to long-term partnerships that help both of us to generate profits for the foreseeable future.
    5. Each SEO expert in Bangladesh works as a freelancer in most cases. So, unlike SEO agencies that hire mediocre freelancers to complete a project without proper supervision on all projects, we devote more time to a single project.
    Md. Fuad Bin Shams
    Md. Fuad Bin Shams (Advanced SEO expert in Bangladesh)

    About Me: My Experiences & Educational Background

    Hi, I’m Md. Fuad Bin Shams, I’ve been a professional white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh since 2021. So far, I’ve successfully completed over ten SEO projects. They’re all on the first page of Google for multiple keywords.

    I was born on 23rd January 1989 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I completed my BBA, PGDHRM, and MBA from United International University.

    I briefly worked for a multinational company as an HR Officer. Now I work full-time as a freelancer and have completed several SEO courses to be competent in this area.

    I chose this field as a career not because I had to, but because I am passionate about SEO and believe I can use my passion to help you grow your business by increasing your online exposure.


    Moz academy is the world’s most prestigious academy to learn SEO. It is an honor to be able to complete both paid and free SEO courses from Moz academy. 

    Therefore, you will receive a world class SEO service from me if you hire me. I am also certified by Semrush academy and Yoast academy in SEO. I am always up to date with Google’s algorithm updates and webmaster guidelines so you will receive a state of the art SEO service from me. 

    Yes, Local SEO is the core of my expertise. Local SEO is an advanced form of SEO from organic SEO and I am an advanced SEO expert in Bangladesh so I will love to perform Local SEO project if you offer one!

    Usually it takes 3-6 months for a web page to rank on Google but it may take even more than a year if the targeted keyword competition level is very high and your site is of low authority. 

    First of all, SEM does not compete with SEO. It targets different objectives. When you spend money on search engine marketing, your content will rank for as long as the campaign continues. The page goes back to its initial state as soon as you run out of money. SEO, on the other hand, takes time to appear on search results. For as long as there is a demand for the product or service and your page holds the top ranking, it brings more traffic on a daily basis. Thus, you continue earning for a long time. SEM is best suited for seasonal products and quick marketing results. But SEO accomplish your broad and long term objectives. 

    The cost depends on the industry your website belongs to and the competitive nature of the industry. It’s difficult to estimate the cost of an SEO project without first examining the website and determining your goals. I am confident that the price will be within your budget, so please contact me if you have any questions.

    When doing SEO, you must be open to incurring costs. Content writers will charge for the amount of time they spend researching and writing content for your website. Additionally, if you have a dedicated web developer, he/she will be needed quite often, or else you can hire a freelance web developer who will handle the development issues related to SEO. You will need to purchase plugins and CDN packages if your website is created in WordPress. You may also need a Graphic Designer to place graphical content or illustrations on your content. These costs will vary and are separate from my service fee. There are alternative solutions too if you have a limited budget. Therefore, contact me to learn more!

    There is no White Hat SEO expert in the world who can say for sure that they can get your web pages to show up on the first page of Google unless they do Black Hat SEO, which is bad for your website in the long run. SEO can help you get more traffic and improve your ranking, but where you end up on the first page of Google will depend on how good your brand, product, and service are. You have to be the best to get the best results from Google when you search for certain pharses.

    Things I avoid doing in SEO is keyword stuffing, purchasing links and unnatural backlink creation. These are easy to do ways of manipulating search ranking, which unfortunately most SEO specialists do in Bangladesh. This can harm your site in a long term. Often you go back to them after your site gets a hit by Google penalty. They charge you again to remove or disavow those links they themselves created months or years ago and perform SEO once again. You are losing money and your site authority by hiring them once again. That’s not what I do in my SEO service which is why I am different from them.