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Md. Fuad Bin Shams - SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Am I the best?

To determine if I am the best Local SEO expert in Bangladesh, it is important to review my past work and results.

Claiming to be the best requires a combination of technical and strategic skills, including an understanding of search engine algorithms, and the ability to conduct keyword research, create compelling content, and build high-quality backlinks.

Ongoing learning and professional development are also essential, as the field of SEO is constantly evolving. However, it is ultimately up to those who have worked with me and seen my results to accurately assess my expertise and effectiveness as an SEO expert.

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    Client Testimonial

    Incredible seller!! The best experience I have ever had on Fiverr. He was incredibly thorough, patient and understanding with me. Hire him with confidence and watch your site rise in the rankings!!!

    Mentioned in a Famous International SEO Journal

    On June 20, 2022, the famous Search Engine Roundtable quoted my tweet on an SEO topic in one of their posts.

    I Was Mentioned in a post by Search Engine-Roundtable

    My SEO Skills

    Complete SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis
    Technical SEO
    Niche Research & Keyword Research
    On Page SEO, Intent Optimization
    SEO Copywriting & SEO Content Writing
    Off Page SEO: Content Marketing for Backlinks and Traffic
    WordPress Installation and Elementor Page Design (Optional)

    SEO Courses That I Completed

    • Yoast SEO for Beginners (Yoast Academy): This course covers the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to use the Yoast SEO plugin to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages.
    • Content Marketing and SEO Fundamental Exam (Semrush Academy): This course teaches the fundamentals of content marketing and how it can be used to improve a website’s SEO.
    • SEO Training Course by Moz (Udemy): This course covers a wide range of SEO topics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.
    • SEO Essential Certification (Moz Academy): This certification course covers the essentials of SEO and prepares students to take the Moz Academy’s Professional SEO certification exam.
    • Content-Led SEO by Brian Dean (Semrush Academy): In this course, students learn how to use content to drive SEO success, including the creation and promotion of high-quality content.


    Top 5 Useful Benefits of Hiring a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh

    1. Local knowledge: A Local SEO professional from Bangladesh will have a thorough understanding of the regional market and can assist you in customizing your SEO strategy to target the appropriate demographic there.
    2. Cost-effective: Small businesses and startups with tight budgets may find Bangladeshi SEO experts to be more affordable than those in other nations.
    3. Cultural understanding: A Local SEO specialist in Bangladesh will have a deep understanding of the culture and language of the local market, which can help in developing content and messaging that resonates with the target audience.
    4. Network of local resources: He/She might have a network of local partners for link building and content creation that can help you carry out your Local SEO strategy more successfully.

    How to choose the right SEO expert in Bangladesh

    • To evaluate the qualifications of an SEO expert, review their track record and portfolio, and inquire about past clients and results.
    • When selecting an SEO specialist, consider their ability to stay current with changes in webmaster guidelines that may affect your website’s search ranking.
    • For small businesses, prioritize Local SEO expertise when hiring an SEO professional. Larger companies with a focus on website-based lead generation and brand awareness may opt for a general SEO expert. Keep in mind that many providers offer both Local and general SEO services.
    • Before making a decision, thoroughly review the provider’s website and offerings, and seek clarification through direct questions if needed.
    • Carefully evaluate your options and determine the best fit for your business within your budget. Be prepared to invest more if necessary as the right choice can yield significant returns on investment
    Md. Fuad Bin Shams
    Md. Fuad Bin Shams
    Md. Fuad Bin Shams (Advanced SEO expert in Bangladesh)

    About Md. Fuad Bin Shams: Experiences & Educational Background

    I am Md. Fuad Bin Shams, a professional white hat Local SEO expert based in Bangladesh.

    I have been providing Local SEO services since 2021, and have successfully completed over ten projects, all of which are currently ranking on the first page of Google for multiple keywords.

    My background includes a BBA, PGDHRM, and MBA from United International University, as well as previous experience working as an HR Officer for a multinational company.

    I transitioned to a full-time freelance career in SEO because of my passion for this field and the desire to assist in the growth of businesses through increased online visibility.


    An SEO expert optimizes your website so it ranks better in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines for profitable and non-profitable keywords. He or she is also known as an SEO specialist or, in some cases, an SEO consultant as well. He or she assists you in increasing organic traffic to your website from search engines that converts into sales. Remember, all SEO professionals are digital marketers but not all digital marketers are SEO expert.


    I’ve been performing SEO for over a year and have had a number of delighted clients. Check out my above testimonial and determine for yourself why you should hire me. I help my clients in increasing their online presence with my SEO expertise and other digital marketing strategies, 

    Yes, Local SEO is the core of my expertise. Local SEO is an advanced form of SEO from organic SEO and I am an advanced SEO expert in Bangladesh so I will love to perform Local SEO project if you offer one!

    Usually it takes 3-6 months for a web page to rank on Google but it may take even more than a year if the targeted keyword competition level is very high and your site is of low authority. 

    First of all, SEM does not compete with SEO. It targets different objectives. When you spend money on search engine marketing, your content will rank for as long as the campaign continues. The page goes back to its initial state as soon as you run out of money. SEO, on the other hand, takes time to appear on search results. For as long as there is a demand for the product or service and your page holds the top ranking, it brings more traffic on a daily basis. Thus, you continue earning for a long time. SEM is best suited for seasonal products and quick marketing results. But SEO accomplish your broad and long term objectives. 

    The cost depends on the industry your website belongs to and the competitive nature of the industry. It’s difficult to estimate the cost of an SEO project without first examining the website and determining your goals. I am confident that the price will be within your budget, so please contact me if you have any questions.

    When doing SEO, you must be open to incurring costs. Content writers will charge for the amount of time they spend researching and writing content for your website. Additionally, if you have a dedicated web developer, he/she will be needed quite often, or else you can hire a freelance web developer who will handle the development issues related to SEO. You will need to purchase plugins and CDN packages if your website is created in WordPress. You may also need a Graphic Designer to place graphical content or illustrations on your content. These costs will vary and are separate from my service fee. There are alternative solutions too if you have a limited budget. Therefore, contact me to learn more!

    There is no White Hat SEO expert in the world who can say for sure that they can get your web pages to show up on the first page of Google unless they do Black Hat SEO, which is bad for your website in the long run. SEO can help you get more traffic and improve your ranking, but where you end up on the first page of Google will depend on how good your brand, product, and service are. You have to be the best to get the best results from Google when you search for certain pharses.

    Things I avoid doing in SEO is keyword stuffing, purchasing links and unnatural backlink creation. These are easy to do ways of manipulating search ranking, which unfortunately most SEO specialists do in Bangladesh. This can harm your site in a long term. Often you go back to them after your site gets a hit by Google penalty. They charge you again to remove or disavow those links they themselves created months or years ago and perform SEO once again. You are losing money and your site authority by hiring them once again. That’s not what I do in my SEO service which is why I am different from them.