white hat SEO service

White Hat SEO Service

What Does White Hat SEO Actually Mean?

It means when you strictly follow webmaster guidelines in optimizing your web pages for a specific set of keywords in order to achieve first page organic ranking on search engines. Simply put, you don’t violate any webmaster guidelines when performing SEO on a website. 

Why Should You Seek Out Only White Hat SEO Services?

In 2012, Google released a Penguin algorithm update. For more than a decade, it has penalized websites that attempt to manipulate search rankings by creating artificial backlinks for their websites. Backlink, on the other hand, is still one of Google’s most important ranking factors. Google regards backlinks from other reputable websites as a vote of confidence in your site.

So ask yourself this question, do you give yourself a vote?

Instead, we can promote your content to high authority website owners in your niche in order to earn contextual backlinks from them. Of course, we must wow them with our user-centric and value-driven content. It’s worth noting that when we refer to high authority websites, we’re not referring to Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR). DA or DR is a purely subjective metric that has nothing to do with Google. It’s a number that SEO tools use to attempt to describe a website’s authority in their own unique way.

A high authority website is one that ranks for multiple keywords on a regular basis while ensuring compliance with webmaster guidelines.

Black hat is not only about creating artificial links. There are also many other ways people perform it to manipulate search ranking.

Google has improved a lot since 2012 to be able to detect link farms, keyword stuffing, cloaking, sneaky redirects, invisible keywords, link purchasing and many more. Companies like Forbes and J.C Penney already received Google’s penalties in the past for violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. 

So, If you are truly looking for a white hat SEO service for your website to rank on Google’s first page without manipulating search ranking, you can take a look at my profile, I am ready to help you with your next project.

My White Hat SEO Service Process: How I Differ from The Most!

Let me quickly explain my SEO service process which will hopefully build trust in my service and establish a long term business relationship.  

white hat SEO service process

The process chart you see above is only a brief step by step process to give you an idea of what is going to happen after onboarding a client just like you. Each step in the picture can be expanded into even more steps which I am not going to reveal here to keep it short and private.

Industry experts are now focusing more on intent optimization. And search intent is not limited to keyword research only. What users find on your site after clicking on the link from a Google search will determine how long they stay on the page and whether or not the page deserves to be ranked higher than your competitors. I perform content audits and will take subsequent action to optimize your content to match users’ search intent.

Hopefully, you get the idea of my process. If you are interested or have any queries, contact me now. 

Do I Genuinely Follow Webmaster Guidelines?

Most of my competitors claim to offer a white hat SEO service. But in reality, they use a mix of black hat and grey hat techniques which are directly or indirectly against webmaster guidelines. 

For example, they spend time and money purchasing some expired domains to create a bunch of websites. After that, they establish links to each other and create powerful authoritative networks. And then the link juice is passed from those networks to your website to shoot up your ranking like a rocket. This process is called Private Blog Networks (PBN) as you can see from the diagram below-

As a result, you’ll frequently see them claim they can help you rank for any competitive keywords you want. That’s a pretty bold claim that even some of the world’s best SEO experts, such as Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin, wouldn’t dare to make, even though they know they can. 

Your trusted SEO consultant, no matter who he claims to be, cannot argue that PBN is a White Hat link building process (Period). Your website will be penalized if Google discovers that you are using a PBN to pass link juice to your site.

They also indulge you with a variety of link schemes. They don’t always talk about it and sometimes do it behind your back after receiving enough payment from you.

For example, they will purchase backlinks from other so-called authoritative sites to pass link juice to your site. When they end up doing this, they will run after dozens of guest posting opportunities and hundreds of profile backlinks, social bookmarking, blog commenting, and forum posting. 

All these approaches are black hat SEO because these are done to manipulate search ranking. These link-building strategies are not considered to be a vote of trust from other authoritative sites. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t give a vote to yourself. 

My approach to link building is far from this and completely in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines. I, therefore, genuinely provide white hat SEO service in Bangladesh that avoid keyword stuffing, unnatural link building, cloaking and all other prohibited search manipulation practices. Don’t forget to check my local SEO service page as well. You will get more information about the service.


Costs are determined by a variety of variables and are therefore unique for each project. Let us first discuss and then allow me to compute. Throughout this year, you will undoubtedly find affordable SEO services.

I require access to your website, cPanel, and gmail account. If you didin’t set up Google Search Console & Google Analytics, I’ll set it up for you using your gmail account to authenticate your website. I’ll need some images time to time for paticular pages that I will optimize. Most importanctly, I need your business name, address, phone number, and email address, social pages’ access. I also need to be able to communicate with you or your team on a regular basis for anything I require along the road.

It takes at least 3 to 6 months for a web page to rank on Google’s first page. It’s a never-ending process. Normally, I need at least 6 months to help you to see where your site has progressed and where I intend to go. Ranking on the first page of Google may take evern more time since you are receiving white hat SEO service here, which is a long term sustainable SEO solution. If your site ranks much before 6 months, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to continue using my services or not. My recommendation is that you need after-sales service for your website because if you stop updating it your site, your rank will drop significantly after a while.

If I truly fail to help you achieve your goal. I will continue to work on your website for free for the next three months, but unfortunately, there is no refund policy. The demand for your products or services, as well as the quality of your products or services, determine how high your website will rank on Google. For instance, suppose you want to rank for the keyword Best Smart TV in USA. Do you think Google will help you rank for this keyword if the smart TV you’re selling isn’t the best? No, not at all. However, I may be able to change the keyword and assist you in ranking for a term such as Best TV under 600 dollars in USA. If your product is actually the best under that price, it should rank higher than your competitor.