Finest Local SEO Service in Bangladesh

Many considerations must be made when trying to find the best local SEO service in Bangladesh. Before I get into the specifics, let me explain what local SEO is and why you need it.

Local SEO

You’ve probably searched for queries like “restaurants near me” on Google before. Check it out right now if you haven’t already. You’ll see a local pack just like the one below

Local pack in Bangladesh

And just below the local pack, you’ll find 10 regular Google search results for the exact same queries. How would it affect your bottom line if you lost customers searching for a restaurant, law firm, medical service, repair shop, or anything else nearby? Your more relevant and profitable customers live within less than a kilometre radius. 

However, not all businesses are eligible to be featured on the local pack, and if they are, your competitors are likely dominating the local pack by being located on the first three listings, meaning you are losing a lot of clients to them.

Besides getting your business found on the local pack, you also can’t afford to lose the first page of Google search results as well. You can expect to surpass your competitors on the first page of Google ranking, possibly even be ranked number 1 if your customers think your product or service is better than what your competitors offer. 

Note: If you sell products through an e-commerce website in a specific country, you should hire an e-commerce SEO expert to provide e-commerce SEO services. This is a distinct SEO option from local SEO and requires special consideration when handling and optimizing an ecommerce site.




How to find the best local SEO service in Bangladesh

  • Whoever you hire, must have his own Google Business Profile (GBP) which he has verified and optimized.
  • Ensure he knows the easiest way to get your profile verified (Condition Applied).
  • Check his website and read his offers to see if anything is missing from the offer. 
  • Learn about Local SEO ranking factors and how his package addresses them all.
  • Also, make sure he has a thorough understanding of local SEO ranking factors.
  • He also must be well versed in guidelines for representing your business on Google
  • Ask him if he knows anything about NAP and Citations.
  • Ask him if he knows how to use schema to have your local business highlighted in depth on Google SERP if you have a website.
  • Your local SEO service provider must use only your email to create and optimize your GBP. 

What You Get from My Service

Get the best local SEO service in Bangladesh

Dominate local search ranking for your business. Claim your online territory before your competitors do. Hire the best local SEO service money can buy while keeping these goals in mind. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Google Business Profile (GBP)

Get the complete Google Business Profile set up. The profile will be verified and optimized with the right category and a list of services or products.

GBP Setup and Management

GBP setup, verification, optimization, categorization, products or service inclusion, weekly 3 posts and 3 pictures, free site setup, citations, review management etc.

Complete Local SEO Service

Complete local SEO service. GBP setup, Site audit, local keyword targeting, content & image optimization, internal & external linking, schema, backlinks & citations etc.


Why should I believe that you provide the best local SEO service in Bangladesh?

Because most of my competitors in Bangladesh are breaking Google’s webmaster guideline and manipulating search results. It is not something I do, which makes me different from others and put me into the category of one of the best. If someone reports your website to Google, Google may take manual action against your website. And when it does, it becomes a nightmare for you. On the other hand, your website is completely safe with my SEO approach. Because I follow all the webmaster guidelines while ensuring your web pages rank well and bring much more traffic and conversions. 

What do you need to get started?

I need your business name, exact address, phone number, email address, email access, business information, product or service info, interior and exterior photos of your business, exact location from the map, products or service related photos and their pricing info, your business opening and closing time.

What can I expect from your output?

When it comes to local SEO, you can rest assured that your web pages will rank on the first page of Google. Your GBP will also bring you good traffic. It usually takes 3 to 6 months for your web pages to get on Google’s first page. It may take even longer if the intended keyword competition is high.